From the Helm

From the Helm

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We don’t expect you to hop on our ship without knowing more about the captain and crew. Now’s your chance to explore — as we put our best foot forward and introduce Businesswright Consulting to you:

Our Anchor

This is the “about us” page: our history, purpose, guiding philosophy, and more — oh, and how we came to use the name Businesswright.

Your Deck Hand

Not sure how to classify this section, but it’s more of a “how we can help you” page. You’ll learn how we can be your behind-the-scenes secret weapon and some more ideas of ways Businesswright can help you.


This is a personal page — over the years there have been some great things said about me and my work and I share a few of them with you. You can call this our “testimonials and reviews” page.

Clients on Board

It’s nice to know who else is on the ship with you, right? Well, this “client highlights” page shares some of our recent projects. Of course, should you sail with us and want your name kept off the passenger list, we’re happy to keep things a secret for you!

Contact Mike

This page contains a super simple “contact form” and it goes directly to the Captain! Leave a quick note so we can swap sea tales or schedule your next voyage.

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