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I've heard of a playwright but what is a businesswright, you may ask? Well, it's a play on words between business and wright. A wright is a person who creates, builds, or repairs something specified (like a shipwright builds or repairs ships, for example). So, in this context, I'd like to think of myself as an experienced craftsman (or maybe even a technology handyman) for business - or a businesswright. Make sense?


"Experience is something you get after you need it." True, isn't it?

Businesswright Consulting was founded in September of 2013 in West Point, Mississippi by Mike Allen (me) to meet what seemed to be a need among many small businesses that I was in contact with. After years of doing business myself online, I was often getting asked for advice and help with creative things relating to technology usage within the office and via the Internet. My knowledge and unusual experiences working with hundreds of retailers and thousands of people while creating and managing Shopping-Bargains® gave me an opportunity to learn many things that I feel makes me uniquely qualified to help others.

In a nutshell, here's my quick bio. As a youth I had a small lawn care business and learned a lot about work and pleasing people (i.e., my first customers). I was introduced to computers in 1986 (remember the Commodore 64 anyone?) and created my first website in 1995. That coding experience proved to be much easier than mowing grass all Mississippi summer long! A year or two later I was shopping online and in 1999 I created Shopping-Bargains® in my "spare time" to help friends and family take advantage of online coupon codes and deals at trusted Internet retailers.

A few years later I changed careers when I quit what had become my day job at the Mississippi State University Extension Service to focus on Shopping-Bargains®. I also opened up a small office in Starkville, Mississippi. After about 18 months it became evident I could do most everything I needed from a home office and so downsized to that more efficient arrangement - I really appreciated my 10 foot commute, especially after gas prices surged in late 2008 and beyond!

Since about 2005 I have been very active in the affiliate marketing industry as a conference attendee, speaker, blogger, and occasional consultant. I've benefited greatly from this access to thousands of creative entrepreneurial people. And the technologies available now are truly staggering compared to what I had to work with when I got started in 1999. While most expenses seem to increase, the very competitive world of technology generally experiences the opposite effect. And that's where I come in for you . . .


As an entrepreneur and small business owner since early 1999, I understand and appreciate small businesses. All have unique needs. Most have ups and downs, highs and lows, challenges and successes.

Changing technologies and sluggish economies have created new opportunities and threats to small and local businesses. As one who in many ways cut his virtual teeth online, I feel particularly well-suited to help others navigate through the rough seas of change.

I've made mistakes in business. Big ones at times. But I've always tried to learn from them. As a consultant, my job is to use what I've learned to help you grow your business and expand.

Because of these things I feel qualified to come alongside other experts like you and see if I can help you find a way that your business can embrace certain technologies and newly-available solutions to move into more competitive waters. In this proverbial sea of change, my purpose it to share my insights with you and row with you where possible (plus this businesswright part of my metaphor if personally rewarding).


So, with this purpose in mind, my vision is simple: I want to help you be more successful in your business by using Internet technology. The quickest way I feel I can do this is by finding ways to lower your current Internet marketing and other business costs. After that, you'll hopefully have money for growth and expansion and, if you are interested, I'll be able to offer strategies that maximize other opportunities online -- opportunities that include advanced Internet marketing, website management, creative branding, local SEO, social media outreach, and/or affiliate marketing to name just a few.


So, by now I hope you see that I have a varied background that includes academic and public and private sector experience. As a small Internet business owner, I handled many roles including hiring, employee management, contracting, online marketing, web development, writing, and public relations. I seek to continually learn and gain new skills and experience - I also like to brainstorm and beta-test. I seek to "think outside the rut." In my work and recommendations, I like to build on the classics by combining proven solutions with solid technology tools to enhance performance and outcomes.

I do not believe my role is to "be your boss" but to listen to you so I can provide expert advice and assistance to you. I seek to do this in a way that respects your role and makes you look good while I stay in the background. My goal is to truly understand your business and deliver creative solutions that work the first time. And, if I do my job right, you'll also enjoy a touch of Southern hospitality along the way!

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