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In the early 1800s, a scuttlebutt was a cask on a ship that contained the freshwater for that day's usage by the sailors and crew. Over time, the scuttlebutt was replaced by a drinking fountain. (Or, in an office it could be the water cooler.) In either case, it had the effect of bringing people together to talk about the events of the day.

Today, just as with the office water cooler, social media and online venues often facilitate the same news and gossip functions of a scuttlebutt. In short, they bring people together to talk about what's going on and who is doing what. This became known as "the scuttlebutt."

With this image and purpose in mind, we offer you some of the scuttlebutt at Businesswright. The content below contains shoutouts for and links to some of our resource recommendations and software we use. When available, we've shared our referral coupons to help you save some money should you choose to use these business service providers.

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Recommended Resources

with Coupons as Available

Chase ink Business Credit Card$500 Bonus Cash Back
Chase ink
Business Credit Card - Offers include no annual fee, 0% intro APR for the first 12 months and unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase.
DepositphotosFree Images Weekly
Affordably-priced stock images, photos, vectors, illustrations and videos. Quality imagery. Huge selection. Easy to use.
fiverrStarting at just $5
Marketplace of digital, creative and professional services: writers, artists, translators, programmers, designers and more.
MOO25% off First Order
Beautifully custom-printed business cards, letterhead, flyers, postcards, notebooks, stickers and more. Great quality. Highly-recommended! Get 25% off your first order.
Create beautiful online forms that fit your brand. Many rich styling options. Includes conditional logic, third-party data export integrations and advanced features.
Phone.com20% off Pay Per Minute for 3 Months is a cloud phone service (toll-free, fax, SMS, voicemail) for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Plans start at $12.99/month. Free 30-Day trial.
Valid until December 31, 2020
TextExpander20% Off Link!
Repetitious typing or email answers? Automate! Create an easy-to-remember custom abbreviation that instantly turns into your name, address, URL or other commonly-used text (even long content).
UdemyFrequent $12 Course Specials
Udemy is a place for adults to learn and teach online. More than 30 million students are learning from over 130,000 self-paced courses.
VooPlayerFree Plan Tier
Video marketing and hosting platform for business. Great YouTube alternative. Your branding. No ads. Secure. Private.

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