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This repository of free tools that we often use was added to serve our "shipmates" on their journey through the "cyber seas." It includes links to tools that you can use to improve your navigational safety. It also has some resources that are purely for the sake of convenience.

We anticipate adding to this directory over time as new tools are developed and existing ones discovered and/or improved. Please contact us if you have any suggestions that we could add here to make your voyage more successful.

Testing Tools & More

Character Counter


    The number shown above includes spaces. Please note that this counter has a maximum character limit of 5,000. Tip: "Drag" the lower right corner to resize the entry field box.

    Some common character limit maximums

    • SMS text message: 160 typically (but 140 characters per screen remaining for message via Mobile Text Alerts' service)

    • SEO - page title: 60 characters; meta description: 160 characters

    • Twitter (standard): 140 characters

    • Google Ads - title: 25; ad text: 70; display URL: 35

    • LinkedIn summary: 2,000 characters

    • eBay title: 80 characters

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