Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service

Wooden pegs representing people

The goal of this post is to become a wealth of information for entrepreneurs and business owners involved in customer service and support (in reality, that’s all businesses). In my own reading and learning, I run across some great customer support tips and suggestions. In sharing some of my favorites here, I’m hoping we can…

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Curated Resources for Entrepreneurs

Puzzle with Dollar underneath

What follows is an “ever-growing, work-in-progress” collection of free educational resources for entrepreneurs who are just getting started on their business journey. The goal is to encourage, inspire, and provide food for thought that you can use in starting your business. Our intention is to update the content presented below over time as new resources…

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Curated Resources for Employers

Management and Employent

The purpose of this post is to provide an ever-growing, “work-in-progress” collection of free educational resources for employers to use in improving their workplace and company employment practices as well as their employee and management performance. Our intention is to update the content presented below over time as new resources emerge (or are discovered) that…

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Mobile Text Alerts Referral & Promo Code

Mobile Text Alerts

We have an exclusive Mobile Text Alerts Promo for you! Many local businesses and organizations have found mass text message alerts to be very effective for reaching customers and members directly. Instead of fighting with email spam filters and costly direct mail, they are able to reach many of their best customers or members directly…

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Why Smart People Struggle with Strategy

Chessboard with Queen standing

This post provides a brief overview of the almost counter-intuitive findings presented by Roger Martin in his Harvard Business Review blog post on June 12, 2014 entitled Why Smart People Struggle with Strategy. We know that sound strategic planning is an essential component of success for businesses of all sizes. Contrary to what may be commonly held, though,…

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Interview with Blogger Nancy Badillo

Nancy Badillo

Last week I had a chance to visit with Nancy Badillo for a quick interview where we discussed some of her business blogging successes. In addition to blogging, Nancy has a strong background in pay per click (PPC) search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). When you visit her site you’ll have a chance to…

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Five Tips for Successful Business Networking

Icons in a network

The term networking has become a popular buzzword throughout the business world today. Popular as the term is, however, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about it, how to network effectively, and where your time as a business owner or manager is best spent within the networking arena. The term networking actually refers to the building…

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Taking a Tech Sabbath: My Story

Vintage switch turned off

A Tech Sabbath? You Can’t Be Serious! Many of us probably receive more birthday wishes via Facebook and text message than we do verbally. However, while this type of messaging allows us to easily reach out to many people instantly, it’s very impersonal when compared to a telephone call, a handwritten note, or a face-to-face…

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Ten Password Safety Tips

Vintage brass keys

Hardly a day passes when we don’t hear a news report about an online bank or email account that has been broken into. Sometimes these security breaches compromise the private and/or financial data of thousands or even millions of people. Failures like this make many people fearful to bank or shop online and use the…

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