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Curated Resources for Entrepreneurs

What follows is an “ever-growing, work-in-progress” collection of free educational resources for entrepreneurs who are just getting started on their business journey. The goal is to encourage, inspire, and provide food for thought that you can use in starting your…
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Management and Employent

Curated Resources for Employers

The purpose of this post is to provide an ever-growing, “work-in-progress” collection of free educational resources for employers to use in improving their workplace and company employment practices as well as their employee and management performance. Our intention is to…
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Mobile Text Alerts Referral & Promo Code

Businesswright offers business group SMS services and partnered with Mobile Text Alerts to handle the administrative side. With our Mobile Text Alerts coupon code referral you can enjoy an exclusive lifetime 5% off discount!
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Why Smart People Struggle with Strategy

This post provides a brief overview of the almost counter-intuitive findings presented by Roger Martin in his Harvard Business Review blog post on June 12, 2014 entitled Why Smart People Struggle with Strategy. We know that sound strategic planning is an essential component…
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Interview with Blogger Nancy Badillo

I had the opportunity to visit with Nancy Badillo for an interview where we discussed some of her business blogging successes and how she got started. Nancy also has a strong background in PPC search marketing and SEO.
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