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Taking a Tech Sabbath: My Story

Taking a Tech Sabbath: My Story

A Tech Sabbath? You Can’t Be Serious!

Many of us probably receive more birthday wishes via Facebook and text message than we do verbally. However, while this type of messaging allows us to easily reach out to many people instantly, it’s very impersonal when compared to a telephone call, a handwritten note, or a face-to-face visit.

While few would argue that tablets, cellphones, laptop computers, and the Internet are bad, these devices have altered our lives and culture tremendously. Further complicating matters, these technologies have invaded our family time, our private sanctuaries, and even our sleep! How? They enable the expectation that we are always reachable, always connected, and always online.

But is this wired mentality really a good thing in the long run? As an early adopter of these technologies and an Internet user since the early 1990s, I asked this question of myself several months ago. In essence, the question was reduced to whether I should challenge the 21st century wireless norm. I believed so. The surprising result has been (and continues to be) a critical exploration of what is really important in life and why. Continue Reading

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