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Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service

The goal of this post is to become a wealth of information for entrepreneurs and business owners involved in customer service and support (in reality, that’s all businesses). In my own reading and learning, I run across some great customer support tips and suggestions. In sharing some of my favorites here, I’m hoping we can all learn more and, in the process, this will benefit our customer service efforts.

My intention is to update this article as new resources are created and discovered.

A 2.5 Minute Introduction

Customer support, especially in an age of Google Reviews and star ratings, cannot be ignored. Perhaps it should be said to ignore customer support at your own peril.

That being said, small business owners are usually very busy and short on time. They don’t have time for interruptions, training, and delays. Customer support, however, shouldn’t be viewed as an interruption or delay. It is a chance to build a brand advocate for your business!

The following 2.5 minute customer experience tips video by Trisha Palmieri offers 5 excellent tips that can help most business owners improve their customer support efforts immediately. It also serves as a great introduction to this topic.

More… Stay Tuned

Please come back as this post is periodically updated.

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  • First Published: 26-Jun-2020
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