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Curated Resources for Entrepreneurs

What follows is an “ever-growing, work-in-progress” collection of free educational resources for entrepreneurs who are just getting started on their business journey. The goal is to encourage, inspire, and provide food for thought that you can use in starting your business. Our intention is to update the content presented below over time as new resources emerge (or are discovered) that we feel are particularly relevant to entrepreneurs.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Wondering if you have an entrepreneurial mindset strong enough to weather the trials of starting a new business? This 4-minute video by Janetta Olaseni can help you find out. If her message causes a sense of heartburn then you may want to reconsider your goals (and perhaps pursue a different career path). If, on the other hand, it resonates with you, then that’s a big plus. It means your resolve may be sufficiently strong to push through the challenges that virtually all entrepreneurs face in building their business.

Another video with “10 rules for entrepreneurial success” (and a few bonus tips at the end) shares multiple video clips featuring Donald Trump. Compiled by Evan Carmichael using various Trump interviews and presentations, it’s very interesting to hear Trump’s consistent business advice over the decades. Key to his success seems to be his life and business experiences that drive him to pursue big things.

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  • First Published: 18-May-2020
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