Interview with Blogger Nancy Badillo

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I had the opportunity to visit with Nancy Badillo for an interview where we discussed some of her business blogging successes and how she got started. Nancy also has a strong background in PPC search marketing and SEO.

Interview with Blogger Nancy Badillo

Last week I had a chance to visit with Nancy Badillo for a quick interview where we discussed some of her business blogging successes. In addition to blogging, Nancy has a strong background in pay per click (PPC) search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). When you visit her site you’ll have a chance to stay updated with her most recent posts about the latest changes and trends in online search marketing.

Now for the interview . . .

Question: How long have you been blogging? What triggered your interest in blogging?

Nancy Badillo: I started blogging in August 2010. My interested in blogging began when I lost my job. I went ahead and Googled different ways to make money online. I found this company called, “Site Sell.” The company charged thirty bucks a month but provided you tutorials, coaching, and step by step on how to create a successful website the correct way. I built my first website and it became successful about a year later. Afterwards I decided to start building my own sites using WordPress.

Q: What are your favorite topics to blog about and why?

NB: My favorite topics to blog about are how to increase traffic and how to build a website. The reason why I like writing about how to increase traffic is because I have done it without spending a dollar. I also like to write about building a successful website because too many people think this will happen overnight. I am dedicated in teaching others how to build a successful website that I even created a website blueprint.

Q: Are you a social person by nature? Do you enjoy reading?

NB: I do consider myself a social person. I am constantly trying to meet new people in the online marketing industry. If you want to be in the industry of blogging or online marketing you have to be a social person. I have become good friends with other bloggers that have helped me grow and even made partnerships. I do enjoy reading. I have always used reading as an activity for relaxation. I use reading now to keep myself updated with all the new changes that blogging undertakes.

Q: When did you realize that your blog had become a business?

NB: I realized that my blog had become a business when I started making money. I remember checking my email and receiving a notification from an affiliate company letting me know of my first sale.

Q: What is your biggest challenge related to blogging?

NB: My biggest challenge is creating new content.

Q: Do you ever get writer’s block or run out of topics? If so, how do you respond?

NB: I do struggle and run out of topics. A great way I get over the hurdle of writers block is asking my readers for new topics or questions they want me to address. By asking my readers, I am able to create engaging content and socialize with my blog community.

Q: Have you altered anything about your blog due to search engine changes?

NB: No, I have not altered anything from my blog due to search engine changes.

Q: What are your three favorite websites, apps, or tools you use for blogging?

NB: My three favorite websites are:

1. Matt Cutts Blog is a great way to stay up-to-date with any of Google’s changes.

2. SEM Rush is a great way to stay updated with the keywords your website is ranked for and the number of searches done for those keyword per month. You can also see your competitor’s keywords.

3. Pat Flynn — He teaches others how to build online passive income. The great thing about Pat is he gives you exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere.

Q: Please share one piece of advice for someone new to blogging?

NB: Before starting a new blog it’s essential that you define your goals for it. The blog has a greater chance of success if you define your long-term goals for your blog. Setting up goals will also help you to determine your level of progress.

Thank you, Nancy, for your time!

Nancy is very active via social media and can be reached on the following channels:

Nancy Badillo
Nancy Badillo


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  1. Great interview that encourage other blogger. Nice one

    • Thank you, David. I enjoyed conducting this interview with Nancy and appreciate her willingness to share her insights.

  2. I must say this is a big interview, i love Nancy Badillo, as she’s one female blogger that writes what she thinks about any blogging issue, and she’s always correct.

    Nice one Here Nancy.

    • Thank you, Isaiah. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with Nancy and learn from her.

  3. Thank you for interviewing me for your blog!

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